SKPC-Guidelines Resolution and Sizing Images For Competitions and Exhibitions

The generally accepted resolution for printing images is 300ppi (Pixels Per Inch). Quality printers in general don’t print resolutions higher than 300ppi. (This means that for every inch high your print is, there are 300 pixels and for every inch wide there are 300 pixels. So, in every square inch of the printed image there are 300 x 300 pixels i.e. 90,000 pixels.)

The measurements for submitting images for competition are specified in ‘imperial’: Ideally 8” x 12” (a crop ratio of 2x3/4x6) or a square format in which case the measurements are 8”x 8” (crop ratio 1x1). These formats and sizes facilitate easier mounting. However, if you decide to submit your image in a different format or size (e.g. “letter box” or “pillar”) then the long side should be no greater than 12” and the short side, no greater than 8”.

Images without borders make for easier mounting, but if you do decide to include a border, please insure that the border is included when calculating the size (also bear in mind, a mount may have to be cut to match your chosen format & size).

When printing a borderless image, we like to print a little larger than the mount aperture so as not to expose a border inside the mount. Therefore, for printing a 2x3 ratio image we recommend the dimensions 8.2” x 12.3” (these measurements maintain the 2x3 ratio and give us a little leeway when mounting)

Resolution: 300 Pixels Per Inch

Max Dimensions: 8.2” x 12.3” (2460pixels x 3690pixels)

Square: 8.2” x 8.2” (2460pixels x 2460pixels)

When submitting for competition or exhibition, images should be processed without titles watermarks, logos or trademarks.

Competition Entries:

• eMail your entries to

• State the competition name in the ‘subject’ or email ‘title’.

• Include your (the photographers) name in your file titles.

• Provide a ‘title’ for your image with your submission.

(For viewing on a monitor or social media a resolution of 72 pixels per inch is more than adequate)

To Save your Image: Photoshop CC (Windows)

1. Your first step is to open your image in Photoshop (ideally, it will have been cropped in 2:3/4:6 ratio).

2. Resize your image.

     a. Select ‘Image’ from the dropdown menu

     b. Select ‘Image Size’

3. Set ‘Resolution’ to 300pixels/inch

4. Check that the ‘width’ and ‘height’ fields are linked (to preserve aspect ratio)

5. Enter either the ‘Width’ or ‘Height’ values in its appropriate field. (the corresponding field will populate automatically and may be .00x of a decimal point out, don’t worry).

Untitled photo

6. Select ‘OK’ (you can read the dimensions and resolution at the bottom left of the screen)

Now to save the image as ‘jpeg’ file.

1. Select ‘File’ from the dropdown.

2. Select ‘Save As’

3. Change the ‘Save as type’ to ‘JPEG’

4. Choose your file location and name your file.

5. Select ‘Save’ (‘JPEG options’ box will open)

6. Set the quality to ‘Maximum’ and select ‘OK’

You’re done!

To save your image: Lightroom Classic CC (Windows)

1. Your first step is to open your processed image in Lightroom (ideally, it will have been cropped to the 2x3/4x6 ratio).

2. Right click on the image.

3. Select the ‘Export’ Option (& ‘Export’ again)

4. Choose where you will locate the outputted image.

5. Under ‘File Settings’ Set:

     a. Image Format JPEG

     b. Colour Space Adobe RGB (1998)

     c. Quality 100

     d. Limit File Size Leave unchecked

6. Under ‘Image Sizing’ set:

     a. Check ‘Resize to Fit’ and select ‘Long Edge’ from the dropdown list.

     b. Fill in the print size 12.3 Inches (or) 3690 Pixels (This value is the long dimension of the  

         printed image, Lightroom manages the short dimension).

     c. Resolution: 300 pixels per inch

Untitled photo

7. Select ‘Export’

You’re done!

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