South Kildare Photography Club Constitution

Name :

The Club shall be called The South Kildare Photography Club.

Objectives :

• Hold regular meetings where the club will present lectures, presentations, etc., which will stimulate and encourage the members to improve their skill levels.

• Hold internal competitions and workshops.

• From time to time organise exhibitions of photographic work produced by club members and organise outings or other such events which will provide the membership with opportunities to improve their skill.

• To encourage, assist and facilitate members to apply for and achieve internationally recognised distinctions and / or merit awards.

• Compete nationally both as a club and as individual members.

Affiliation :

The club shall be affiliated to the national accreditation body The Irish Photographic Federation and any other bodies which the committee feel would be of benefit to the club and its members.

Club Season :

The club season consists of, one calendar year beginning on the first day of January and ending on the last day of December in the same year.

Membership :

• Full membership shall be open to persons over 18 years of age.

• Members are expected to provide correct full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses (where applicable) and emergency contact information to cover unforeseen situations.

• Honorary Life Member o Honorary Life Membership may be granted to a member who in the opinion of the committee has rendered outstanding service to the Club and their life membership is proposed to the membership at AGM where at least 66% of those in attendance vote in favour of the proposition.

• Potential members may visit the club twice (their first visit being free) where upon they can join at the designated subscription.

• Membership of the club implies an undertaking to comply with and abide by the rules of the club.

• It shall be a requirement of continued membership that all members conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring the club into disrepute

• Members partaking in outings do so at their own risk and expense.


• A committee of not less than six members and not greater than eight members shall manage the Club’s affairs.

• Members of the committee shall include:


Vice Chairperson



Competition Secretary

One to three ordinary committee members

• The quorum for a committee meeting shall consist of four members.

• Committee meetings shall be convened by the chairman or exceptionally by three members of the committee.

• The committee shall meet at least eight times per year, or more often as club business requires.

• During the year the committee may co-opt additional members to the committee to fill a vacancy created by the departure of any committee member, or to assist with workload where additional personnel are required to run club business or events If a vacancy is created within the elected officers of the committee during the course of the year the committee shall have the power to select one of the committee members to fill such a post and / or to seek a suitable candidate to be co-opted to the committee for the duration of the term of office.

• One or more sub-committee(s) may be formed by resolution of the committee to run specific functions on behalf of the club. The committee shall appoint one of its members to serve on such sub-committee(s).

• If a member of the committee fails to attend three committee meetings within the committee’s elected term of office and has not communicated his or her apologies in advance, then such a member shall be considered to have resigned his or her position on the committee.

Retention of photographic work.

• Images or works submitted by members for any club event, may be retained by the club as part of an image bank for use in other exhibitions or public displays, or for assessment of an individual’s skill level for the purposes of grading that individual prior to entry into internal or external competitions.

• The photographer can at any time withdraw any or all of his/her images from this image bank, or be provided with a full list of images held by the club in his or her name.

• Full copyright of these images will remain at all times with the original photographer.


• The AGM of the club shall appoint an auditor(s) whose task will be to audit the club accounts as prepared by the Treasurer prior to their presentation to the Club AGM and shall sign them off as being correct.

• The Auditor(s) shall not be a serving member of the committee.


• Meeting fees shall be set by the committee in line with the cost of venue, etc.

• The Annual membership fee shall be proposed by the committee to ensure that the club will be in a position to meet its operational expenditure and this proposal shall be submitted for approval at the AGM.

• Senior Citizens shall pay fifty percent of the standard annual membership fee.

• Membership fees shall fall due annually on the 1st of January.

• Members who have not paid their membership by the end of February shall be deemed to have resigned their membership of the club.

• First year membership fees due for new members joining after the start of the club year, shall be reduced by twenty five percent for each quarter of the club year that has passed before the date of their second attendance at a club meeting. A quarter shall consist of three full calendar months.

Annual General Meeting.

• The AGM of the club shall take place in the first quarter of the year on a date that is decided by the committee annually.

• The quorum for the AGM / EGM shall be 20% of the membership.

• All full and honorary members shall have one vote at general meetings.

• The date and venue for the AGM shall be notified to the membership at least 28 days prior to the event.

• All motions submitted for AGM / EGM must be submitted in writing to the club secretary not later than 21 days prior to the date of the AGM / EGM.

• All nominations for positions on the committee must be proposed and seconded and notified to the club secretary not later than 21 days prior to the date of the AGM/EGM.

• The committee shall have the discretion to take nominations from the members in attendance at the AGM in the event of a committee position not being filled by the above procedure.

• The agenda for the meeting and any motions and nominations that will be put to the floor which require a vote will be circulated to the membership at least 14 days prior to the date of the AGM / EGM.

• The committee shall present reports on the previous year’s activity.

• The Treasurer shall provide an audited statement of accounts.

• The committee shall be elected by the members at the AGM.

• Committee roles will be allocated at the first committee meeting. (The outgoing chairman shall chair the first committee meeting after the election of the new committee until such point within the meeting that a new chairperson has been elected).

Extraordinary General Meeting

An EGM may be called by the committee or by not less than 8 members or 10% of the membership of the Club (which ever number is the greater). The committee shall fix a date for the EGM not later than two months from the receipt of a valid request. All members are to be notified at least 14 days prior to the date of the EGM. A copy of the agenda and motion(s) proposed must be enclosed with the EGM notice. No business other than that which is contained on the EGM agenda can be transacted.


In the event of a situation arising which is not covered by this constitution the committee shall have the power to act in the best interests of the club until such time as an AGM / EGM can be called to deal with the matter.


A decision to dissolve the club may only be taken when the funds of the club are insufficient for the club to run properly or when membership numbers drop to such a level that the club is no longer viable. This decision can only be taken at an AGM or EGM.


If any matters arise from this constitution which require interpretation, then the committee shall have the power to decide on what course of action should be taken until the matter can be put before the membership at an AGM or EGM.

Alteration to Constitution

Alteration to this constitution can only take place at an AGM or EGM where the motion or proposal is passed by 66% of those present and entitled to vote.

Privacy Policy

• All personally identifiable data collected by the club will be kept securely by the elected club committee members, and available only to these members for the duration of their term in office, for the express sole purpose of running the club safely.

• No personally identifiable data will be shared with any other individual or organisation except where

The club needs to share this data to provide a service requested by the member(s).

The club may be required to disclose limited personal data, for example, a member’s name, for eligibility to enter competitions, or in the event of an emergency.

The club needs to respond to subpoenas, court orders, legal process, or to any legitimate request by authorities with which we must legally comply.

This constitution was adopted by all attending Club members at AGM held on 26th Jan 2012, amended on 16th Feb 2017 and again on 31/01/2019

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