5 Reasons why Joining a Photography Club is a Great Idea

1. Joining a photography club is a great way to learn from others

Camera clubs provide a great opportunity to improve your photographic skills and knowledge through the constant exchange with fellow photography enthusiast. Oftentimes, photography clubs also provide a their members with a venue to challenge those skills, and a place to share what they have learned. Most members of South Kildare Photography Club have the wealth of years, if not decades of photographic experience and are only too happy to share their knowledge with anyone keen to learn.

2. Making friends who share your passion for photography

You will have the opportunity to meet other likeminded people at club-meetings or outings, get new ideas and inspiration build up a network of photo friends who you can hang out with both during events organised through your photography club and in private.

3. Getting the opportunity to go on organised field trips and other events where you can practice your photography skills

You’d like to go out shooting early in the morning to catch the best light but the motivation is somewhat lacking when it comes to doing it just by yourself? Get to meet fellow photographers through the club and see if you can organise such an outing amongst the other club members. Being out there in the dark waiting for a scene to develop is much more fun if you can have a good old chat in the meantime.

4. Keeping up the motivation through competitions and challenges

Judging the quality of ones own work is often difficult but challenging yourself within a competition with others can help to look at your images through the eyes of another photographer (the judge). That’s why most photography clubs regularly provide their members with the opportunity to take part in competitions. The feedback given will help continually improve the member’s photographic skills and in return, the skill level of the club in general.

5. Challenging your comfort zone and exposing you to different genres of photography

Camera Clubs expose you to different genres within the field of photography such as street photography outings, a model shoots or, wedding photography to name but a few. This will open your eyes to other directions that you may want to pursue but have not had the experience.

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